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The Steel Dog® Snap-Coil™ Tie is a multipurpose Transition Tie™ for “job-built” plywood concrete forms. With a standard-duty, button head snap tie electronically welded to a two-strut, ½” coil tie end, the Snap-Coil™ Tie allows the user to take advantage of the versatility of threaded coil rod for one-sided forming, long ties, and other purposes, while still using familiar, low-labor-cost means of attachment to formwork (slotted wedges, Jahn brackets).


  • One-sided forming (with epoxied coil rod, drop-in anchors, or other hardware)
  • Making on-the-spot long ties with a length of ½”coil rod
  • Adjustable length ties (battered walls, unusual forming situations)
  • Blind side walls with Stay-Form® stay-in-place expanded metal mesh panels and Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks.

MATERIAL: Snap tie end and wire struts: AISI C1038 carbon steel. FINISH: None. (Zinc coatings available: consult factory.)
MAXIMUM SAFE WORKING LOAD: 2250 Lbs. (Based on approximately 2-to-1 safety factor).
½”coil rod must be threaded completely through coil and extend at least 1/4” past coil
Do not bend any portion of tie. Bent or damaged ties will fail at less than rated load: do not use


SC drawing

SC size chart

Snap-Coil™ Ties can be threaded back-to-back to create long or unusual length ties with different end configurations. For example, a 27½” tie with a long tail on one end and a short tail on the other can be easily assembled on-the-spot from standard SC's. Avoid the long wait and extra charges for custom-made ties.
  SC adjustable tie cross section drawing    


  • Battered walls
  • Mass pours
  • Pile caps
  • Pilasters
  • Emergencies
Ties made with Snap-Coil™ Ties have the additional advantages of:
    Field adjustability of length (esp. useful for battered walls)
    Reliable strength (all components are threaded-together, load-rated components, eliminating concerns about the strength of field welds or bolted connections with other long-tie techniques)

SC one-sided wall cross section

SC-SCL wood lagging cross section


Snap-Coil™ Ties provide a simple and low-cost solution for securing formwork to existing structures for one-sided forming. They can eliminate additional hardware and labor over other methods.


  • Concrete
  • Wood lagging
  • Brick
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Sheet piling
  • Rock

ANCHORING MEANS: Depending on the existing wall material and the design tie loads, the threaded rod may be secured with:

  • Drop-in anchors
  • Epoxy
  • Steel Dog® Coil-Lags
  • Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks
  • Pivot brackets
  • Plate washers and nuts
  • Toggle ties
  • Rock bolts

1/2"-13 NC MACHINE THREADS: Snap-Coil™ Ties can be supplied with coils tapped for 1/2" machine threads for compatibility with a wide range of hardware produced for that style of thread. Some examples: wedge expansion anchors, hollow masonry block anchors, Gates Anchor-Lock Ties, shebolts, double expansion anchors.

Steel Dog® Snap-Coil™ Ties and Rebar Hooks provide a fast and low-cost way to use Stay-Form® stay-in-place expanded metal mesh to form blind side walls (where clearances on one side are too tight to allow for removal of reusable forms.)
Lower labor cost to connect to rebar studs
Field-adjustable length
Any size tie made from standard components. This is a handy alternative to custom-ordered, special purpose ties.
  SC Stay-Form tie drawing    

Snap-Coil Tie header image

Multipurpose tie for job-built forms SC Snap-Coil Tie icon
Standard-duty, button head snap tie--½” coil rod adapter on the other end
Snaps off like normal button-head tie
Low cost solution for one-sided forming and adjustable-length ties
Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment: each SC is as strong as a standard button-head tie
2250 lbs Safe Working Load


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