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Steel Dog¨ Coil-StudsTM provide low-cost attachment points for coil hardware-based form ties onto steel structures. Typical application: one-sided forming against soldier piles or sheet piling.


  • Extremely fast installation with standard stud welding equipment
  • Approximately 1/4 the cost of angle weld bracket
  • Swivel loop coil tie end to accommodate misalignment between stud placement and formwork tie location.
  • Accepts standard ½”coil rod or ½”-13 NC rod (SCS-4NC)
  • Can be manually welded to head

MATERIAL: Bolt is ASTM A108 low carbon steel. Swivel loop wire is AISI C1038.


MAXIMUM SAFE WORKING LOAD: 4500 Lbs. (2-to-1 safety factor). Actual Safe Working Load will depend on strength of field weld and is the responsibility of the user.


  • Base metal surface must be clean and dry. Remove rust, paint, oil, etc.
  • Ferrules must be dry
  • Do not weld if base metal temperature is below 0 deg F
  • Ensure good ground connection to base metal


  • Consult welding equipment manufacturer's literature for recommended weld settings for 3/4" steel studs welded to steel
  • Adjust stud gun to accommodate Coil-Stud so that swivel coil loop does not impede free and full movement of stud during welding
  • Studs must be welded perpendicular to surface only


  • There should be a full 360 deg weld fillet around stud. Reject any studs with a partial weld or undercut.


  • After setting up welder, test at least two Coil-StudsTM before further welding. Bend at least 30 degrees from initial position with hammer or bending tool. Repeat bend test every 1/2 hour, or after any change in weld settings, operator, or any other welding conditions.


Coil-Studs welded with stud gun on sheet piling

Coil-Lag being welded


Stud welding gun




Using Transition Ties and Coil-Studs
Steel Dog® Transition TiesTM allow you to use virtually any handset forming system with Coil-Studs. Shown here are the variety of ways that Steel-Ply® forms can be attached to sheet piling.





Fast, Low-Cost Method of Attaching Formwork to Steel Structures
  • Modified 3/4" arc weld stud with swiveling loop coil tie
  • Available for 1/2" coil rod or 1/2"-13NC machine thread
  • Useful for one-sided walls against sheet piling and other structures
  • 4500 lbs Max. Safe Working Load (see load tables)
transition ties
footing brackets
1-1/8" form hardware
other concrete accessories
  One-sided foundation wall against sheet piling