Resi-Coil™ Ties used to make long ties for a large mass pour. Readily available from stock and adjustable in the field, RC's give you significant advantages over custom-made ties. And the security of threading together a tie from quality-controlled, load-rated components is hard to match with field-welded ties.
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Multipurpose tie for 1-1/8" plywood form systems RC-6 icon
Standard residential snap tie on one end--½” coil rod adapter on the other
Snaps off like normal tie
Low cost solution for one-sided forming and adjustable-length ties
Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment: each RC is as strong as a standard wall tie
2500 lbs Safe Working Load (2-to-1 safety factor)


Rc-6 used with drop-in anchor for one-sided forming
RC-6's used back-to-back to make adjustable-length tie
Drawing of RC's used on battered wall
Drawing of RC's used on one-sided wall

Make any-length ties at the job site

Use standard ½” coil rod and a pair of Resi-Coil™ Ties to create ties of any length with off-the-shelf components. Save time and set-up charges for custom-length ties.

Since RC’s are manufactured in a tightly-controlled process, you are assured of an adjustable long tie that is as strong as a standard tie (2500lbs SWL). Don’t take chances on field-welded ties or other make-do measures.

Ideal for:
Battered walls
Machine Bases
Unusual forming situations
Mass pours

One-sided forming made easy

Resi-Coil™ Ties and short lengths of ½” coil rod allow you to quickly anchor forming panels onto existing structures. Use drop-in anchors, epoxy, or rock anchors to attach to concrete, rock, or masonry walls. Other standard ½” coil rod hardware (toggle bolts, plate washers and nuts, etc.) can be used to secure to sheet piling, plywood, or other materials.

The RC’s design simplifies the process of setting up forms for a one-sided wall. Since the tie is precisely in line with the coil rod, just drill holes at locations on the existing wall corresponding to tie locations on the forms.


Adjustable-Length Ties
One-Sided Forming
RC's used for long ties
Because they’re threaded onto the coil rod, RC’s are easy to adjust for wall thickness, or variations in the existing wall, by simply rotating (which may be done while the tie is placed in the form panel).
Always keep RC’s on hand for the security of having a tie of any length when you need it.
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Drilling holes for one-sided wall
  One-sided wall with 1-1/8" plywood forms and RC-6 Resi-Coil Ties  
  One-sided wall  
  RC one side wall  
  One-sided wall