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CC-90 Corner Clip, 90 Deg


Quick clip for 90 deg outside
corners on 1-1/8” form systems

Replace standard 1 x 1 outside corners with low-cost, versatile, and nearly indestructible CC-90 Corner Clips. Can be used on any size panel. One set of clips can replace many sizes of standard corners.

Eliminates problems with bent old-style corners

Put an end to bent corner troubles

Steel Dog 90 Deg Corner Clips are high-strength, heavy-gauge clips formed from a single steel bar. This makes them virtually indestructible in use and resistant to some of the worst abuse they're likely to see on the typical jobsite.

The clips hold the form panels together just as standard 1 x 1 corners do, without the unneccessary tubular or angle iron bar. These bars often get bent or twisted in use. At best, this adds frustration and extra labor to the assembly of form panels at the corners. At worst, a damaged tubular corner can mean the loss of the equivalent of 6 or more Corner Clips.

Steel Dog Corner Clips always slip easily onto your panels.

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